1- First Step Consult with both your Architect & our Structural Engineer's

We recommend Consulting with both in order to mutually agree on a Design that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also economical.

Our in-house Engineering experience will help guide this process without breaking the Bank.

2- Start the process of draft Designs

Whilst Architects have the artistic flair in design, we have the experience and knowledge in Steel that will help compliment your Design Consultants.

In addition we insist on implementing 3D Laser scanning to assist with accuracy of designs and site works.

From this point the designs are created into 3D models so that you can view your project in Virtual Reality.

3- Commence site works

The excitement on site commences by watching your Project being erected before your very eyes.

This is where you start to see the benefit of 3D scanning technology as the process is performed during both site surveying and slab completion times.

We liken this process to a health check in humans,...….. if you had the benefit of doing this regularly to avoid illness, would it not make sense to use this technology to avoid site discrepancies and costly delays ?

Commercial and industrial Design with the mindset of Sustainability is not only the future of Construction, but it is also environmentally necessary and morally righteous


Next Steps...

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